Paper Puffin is based in Portland, Oregon and features merchandise, artwork and objects featuring curious cats by K.Carlson.

Illustrations are primarily created with ink or paint on paper or wood. Printed products like stationary, art prints and totes are produced locally or in-house and screen-printed items are hand pulled. All work is scanned high-res and care is taken to produce a clean, detailed print. Special attention is payed to the quality and packaging of the products.

who is Puffin?

Puffin is the main muse of Paper Puffin and #1 boss.

Puffin has gray and white fur with fun patterning, and one black whisker.

He enjoys sitting on paper and being involved in (on?) works in progress.

Like most cats, Puffin loves to nap and sit in the warm sun.


" PaperPuffin started with the realization that I couldn’t stop drawing cats. The name is inspired by Puffin, a silly stout gray cat, and a love of paper products. “Curious Nature” like mushrooms and plants, silly puns, and glaring gold eyes are common themes in my work. With roots in the Pacific NW, I grew up in the Japan, Holland and Florida before moving to Portland. I print at True North (formerly Magnetic North) Studios in Portland, Oregon." - Kayla Carlson

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