Origami Coloring Ball 

Enjoy coloring, origami, and puzzles in one fun and challenging creative activity!


There are 3 Origami Coloring Ball kits available- Mushrooms & Cats, Party Cats and Rocks & Pebbles.

Building an 8-point stellated octohedron sounds difficult but it is fundamentally pretty simple. Take 12 square sheets of paper, fold them all the same way, and assemble them geometrically to complete the form.

Each of the 12 sheets is a unique design but contains elements that match with those on other sheets. Only a small portion of each image will be visible on the completed ball.The 12 folded sheets fit together to form an interlocking surface pattern.

Enjoy coloring in each page or leave the designs black and white. Learn how to fold a modular origami unit and assemble into a pleasing geometric octohedron shape. You can display your paper sculpture anywhere, even hanging from a string.

Sold (out) at Powell's City of Books, Portland OR

Each kit includes:

- Twelve 10"x10" sheets of paper with printed design

- Coloring guide

- Extra printed sheets to practice folding

- Instructions for folding and assembly


The act of folding and repeating a familiar movement as well as choosing different materials to achieve a specific shape or build a sculpture is both enjoyable and rewarding. If you look into the origami world you’ll find endless incredible variations in form, color and design.

The type of origami you are working on is called ‘modular origami.’  This unit is a version of the ‘sonobe’ unit created by Mitsunobu Sonobe in the 6o’s.  There are many variations to the sonobe unit created by people throughout the world.

I began practicing origami in Japan when I was 10 years old. This particular type of modular origami has stuck with me all my life- I've continually made it over the years. 
By choosing different types of paper and patterns I discovered how dramatically the end product and appearance could be. When I realized I had never seen any kits where a full design could cover all aspects of the form I set out to create one using my original artwork.

You can use a variety of media, such as colored pencils, markers and paint to color in the Origami Coloring Balls. A 'Coloring Guide' is included in each kit to help with matching your colors.

(above: the three versions colored in with gauche paint.)


Instructional Video

ORIGAMI COLORING BALL Instruction Video! Click the images above for the YouTube video of FOLDING and ASSEMBLY instructions.

You can follow along with the videos when folding the sheets and assembling the sculpture. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

A stellated octohedron I incorporated into a himmeli mobile 

Early versions, one made from newspaper  

I love using gold metallic origami paper. You can use the instructions to make the sculptures out of almost any paper imaginable. They just have to be square!