"Cat Monster" is a large wall piece depicting a cat, made up of 14 smaller cats. This piece was created for a solo exhibition at UpperPlayground's Fifty24PDX gallery in Portland Oregon, 2019.

Prints of CAT MONSTER are available.


 'CAT MONSTER' is my version of Utagawa Yoshifuji's "The Supernatural Cat of the Tokaido" 1847

Instead of a traditional wood block print, I wanted to make large version yose-e ("an assemblage picture, in which the combination of smaller cats forms a big face of a cat" source ) using layered wood pieces. This was a fun but tedious challenge due to it's size.

pictured: Gojusantsugi no uchi neko no kai (The Supernatural Cat of the Tokaido)
by Utagawa Yoshifuji   source

Prints of Cat Monster

Archival prints are available of Cat Monster. The image for the prints were created during the final process of building the Cat Monster. Each individual piece was scanned and edited together digitally to create these incredibly detailed prints. 8x10" prints are available, please contact me if you would like a larger size.

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8x10 Archival Print - BLUE

Detail of 8x10 Archival Prints

8x10 Archival Print - PINK


From a loose sketch, I made a small paper version and then a large cutout of newsprint. I cut the wood sheets of Baltic Birch wood down with a jigsaw into large chunks, then shaped on the scroll saw and sanded. Placing and painting, placing and painting the pieces to get right. Sanding and layered with UV gloss varnish. 

With the help of my friend Kaiden (KaidenBuilds), we built out the structure to be hung on the wall with a simply cleat system.


Varnishing before assembly


Inspecting the layers